Intuitive Yoga……Mindfulness of Source

                                    with founder Eleanora Lipton




 Intuitive Yoga, coming to Sweden from the USA, June 12 & 13….in the Valley of Wisdom.

 This short intensive will highlight the grace and ease of moving into poses; listening in to our own guidance and deepening the original intention of yoga…

1.   a system to evolve consciousness

2.   raise the cellular vibration of the body

3.   reduce the number 1 cause of all pain and disease - stress.


 Working primarily with those in the age range of 50 - 97, and easily applied to all ages, this process is for anyone breathing and wanting to feel better.  

As we say in Polarity, quoting Dr. Stone, ‘health building’ is the true path towards Source.  In a culture overshadowed by aging as a disease process, we strive to cultivate wellness and self-contentment.

     Breathing into the stress, releasing long held pain, naturally builds energy.  In this workshop you will be guided in this process.

     Practices included in this workshop are:

1.  Core strengthening to stabilize 

2.  Lengthening to increase flexibility

3.  Increase range of motion

4.  Ease into quiet meditation


You are invited to participate in this event.  This is separate from the gathering that follows……or do both. I’m excited to join your community and support the expansion of light in the world.  

        Those of us who are called to grow our work in the world know that our inner world is all on which we can truly depend.  We deeply benefit by stepping out of activity and into deep repose to restore and gain perspective; just as the mystics of old have always done.  Intuition naturally grows through our yoga practice of poses for the body as energy is released and moves into the more subtle energy centers.  As the intuitive pathways grow we learn to depend on our self more.   Self confidence strengthens.   Our skill set helps us to put our guidance into action. 

       Who is Eleanora Lipton?  One year ago, as life in the world became more challenging as well as family challenges,  a prayer to grow more compassion was answered.  I was introduced to a sanctuary for chimpanzees retired from medical research.  These chimps were born in a laboratory and used for research purposes.  In 2015, legislation was passed to end the use of chimps for research.  Now they have a forever home in the mountains of N. Georgia.  I have been a volunteer at Project Chimps for the last year:  Then I saw the white moose of Sweden on facebook.  I became aware of the declining population of one of the most rare species on earth.   So with the IPEA I decided to offer what I love to teach as a workshop to raise money for the white moose.  Following the Gathering, I will be touring the area of Arvika to ‘G-d willing’ catch a glimpse of the great white moose.  I have also inquired as to the best group collecting donations.  Please let me know if you have this information.

    I have also spent the last 3 1/2 years bringing yoga, mindfulness, and polarity therapy to recovering alcoholics.  Leading walks in nature weekly, yoga by the river and private polarity sessions is incredible.  More and more compassion grows as I experience so many challenges all around me.

    And….since 1973, I’ve been studying yoga, breath, meditation and since 1980 polarity therapy, the fundamental frame for my work.  I have a yoga program in a residential high rise now in its 17th year;  private practice with my associate Lakshmi in an independent living facility, and a private practice in polarity bodywork.

Location is our conference site for the IPEA gathering.  Contact the retreat center directly to reserve your room.  Great price for room and meals.

Tuition is a suggested donation of $150 Euros;  $171 US;  1557 Kronas.  Register with Eleanora directly.  I can send a PayPal invoice or pay Kronas on site.

Everyone is welcome.  This is an all inclusive event from beginners to experienced.

For more information and details please use this link.


Contact me directly:  [email protected]

  Thank you for your warm welcome.